Stinky bathroom? Smelly pet odors? Musky odors coming from your closet? We've got the perfect solution! These uplifting scents can transform any environment, instantly! Magically masks odors of tobacco, marijuana, mildew, etc.

Incense Pack of 10

  • Made from bark, seeds, roots, and flowers, and natural fragrances. Hand-made, clean burning incense — notice how it burns white; not black — does not contain any harsh chemicals or petrolium byproducts. Long-lasting, intense aromas that fill large spaces (minimum of 1000 sq. ft.).

  • If product arrives damaged, we will refund your order once we receive your returned product. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  Please forward us the tracking number of your package so we will expect the return. Please also forward pictures of the damaged products to